SAR Nanoug

Barbara Wussow

Ambassador of the SAR NANOUG

“I am fascinated that people drop everything when they are alerted to rescue people in distress at sea. This unconditional, courageous standing up for others deserves the utmost respect. Especially since they risk their own health and sometimes even their own lives in the process. I also have the greatest respect for the fact that SAR NANOUG manages without any state support.”

Jan Fedder (†)

Ambassador of the SAR NANOUG

“I have great respect for the women and men on the SAR ships and SAR boats. Ready for action at any time of the day or night and the high level of training is impressive. Equally impressive is the fact that SAR NANOUG is financed exclusively by donations.”

Till Demtrøder

Ambassador of the SAR NANOUG

“I would like to convey to as many people as possible how important SAR NANOUG is – as a proven and reliable organization for everyone who is on the water – for professional seafarers and leisure skippers. I think SAR NANOUG is a unique institution that deserves active support – from all people from all over the country.”

Reinhard Mey

Ambassador of the SAR NANOUG

Has been a sponsor of SAR NANOUG for a long time: “I have great respect and admiration for the women and men. They are all the more dependent on help from all parts of the population; After all, we all benefit from safety in shipping – on the coast and inland.”

We are there where you need us : Germany Finland Norway Sweden Denmark Belgium France Portugal Spain Italy

North and Baltic Sea and inland waters – English Channel – Celtic Sea – Biscay – Atlantic Ocean – Mediterranean Sea

SAR NANOUG operations are subject to clear guidelines and specifications:

  • No rescue of refugees at sea takes place
  • Refugees are not brought to the mainland. (This is the sole task and area of responsibility of the Coast Guard of the affected country.)
  • In addition, SAR NANOUG does not provide any supportive missions or assistance for aid organizations, associations and companies dedicated to rescuing refugees.

sea rescue

We’re out at sea

  • to save shipwrecked people
  • rescue people from danger
  • to care for the injured and sick

We are ready to go – around the clock and in any weather.

Our sea rescue operations not only include:

  • Man overboard
  • Fire in engine room
  • Water ingress on a fishing cutter
  • A badly injured seaman on a merchant ship
  • Rudder failure on board a motor boat
  • Broken mast on a sailing yacht, etc.

Sea Rescue Operations

also mean

  • Saving lives in distress at sea
  • The coordination of all measures in an emergency at sea and for assistance within the SAR area
  • The monitoring of VHF channels 16 and 70 for emergency and safety purposes
  • Carrying out distress, urgency and safety radio communications on VHF in the SAR range

As part of the implementation of these tasks, there are other activities that are directly related to them:

  • Medical first aid for rescued people
  • Securing endangered ships and their crews
  • Assistance in rescuing crews of ships and aircraft from imminent danger
  • Transport of the sick and injured including granting extended first aid and first aid to accident victims
  • Any activities that help to prevent impending emergencies and accidents
  • Assistance to ships or crews in emergencies abroad
  • Support of the fire brigades in fighting fires as far as possible
  • Support of the emergency command in complex damage situations

We protect the lives of everyone who gets into our areas of activity, 24 hours a day and in any weather.

We help around the world when there is a risk to life and limb on board ships.

We organize and implement a professional and modern sea rescue service.

We remain independent and responsible

We coordinate all measures with the aim of always ensuring that human lives are saved from distress at sea as quickly and effectively as possible.

Neither the public sector nor individual donors influence our decision-making.

We carry out our tasks independently and on our own responsibility. We have always done without state and public funds and we do not claim any tax money, instead we have always financed our entire activity exclusively through donations and voluntary contributions.

Your donation helps save lives.
Do you know the North Sea or the Baltic Sea from your vacations? Do you love wind and waves? Are you an active water sports enthusiast? Or do you live on the coast and can’t imagine a nicer place on earth? Then you know how quickly wind and weather can change here. Then professional seafarers as well as leisure skippers are equally quickly dependent on the help of the SAR Nanoug sea rescue service.

With your donation you help where money is most urgently needed. Thank you, your donation supports our often life-saving work.

Sea Rescue

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A high-performance sea rescue service requires qualified crews and the latest technology – and costs a lot of money.

My donation for the SAR Nanoug arrives. I can see and touch how the Nanoug Foundation uses my money.

We are very happy about such letters and we receive similar ones from all parts of the countries of our SAR field of activity.

Every donation is a sign of great trust for us. We thus assume the obligation to use the funds voluntarily entrusted to us transparently, efficiently, responsibly and sustainably.

Air rescue after a fishing trawler has reached “calmer” waters in the lee of the SAR Nanoug XV.

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