Financial support

Financial support

for destitute seafarers, their families, widows and orphans

Let us explain a few things in advance and please take the time and read to the end. Many Thanks

There are often sad stories that one hears from seafarers: Well-trained, studied, young people are desperately looking for jobs and are exploited. Some want to hold onto their dream job in seafaring and inevitably accept outrageous conditions for hiring on ships, others just give up their dream.

So does Frederike Hauke (26). She comes from a seafaring family and wanted to gain experience on the world’s oceans herself. During her studies, she applied to several shipping companies in order to complete the internship she needed. She received offers from shipowners. “You would have hired them for board and lodging,” she says. She would have had to pay for the journey and the necessary certificates herself.

But despite a flagging out (Cheap flag) and the lack of commercial competence, it often happens with shipping companies that they leave their ship in port, somewhere in the world. In doing so, you are unscrupulous in accepting that seafarers will remain on board, without provisions and with outstanding wages (usually for several months). No chance to start your journey home and / or to find work elsewhere. The reason for this is that the shipowner did not hand over the working papers and documents. This happens mostly out of greed and with the inclusion of a lack of strength of character and a lack of respect, as well as a lack of sense of responsibility.

And these are not isolated cases!

Something like this arises because a large number of shipping companies worldwide make use of another option of flagging out (that under the so-called “cheap flags” or “flags of convenience”) in order to save money. Usually ships of the shipowner fly the flag of your home country. It indicates that the law of your home country applies on the ship. With the flagging out and flying of another cheap flag another law applies.

The reason for this is: That the personnel costs, for example for containers and tankers as well as cruise ships, make up 42 percent of the operating costs for local shipowners, so considerable savings can be achieved here.

This can lead to a lack of collective bargaining agreements and missing controls, and thus to non-paid and / or reduced social and pension contributions, so that no claim or only a reduced percentage is due to the seafarers. Which ultimately contributes to the fact that seafarers are penniless after their sea voyage. Through no fault of your own, the wives, family members and / or widows are also involved at the same time.

For these reasons, the “Nanoug Foundation” is committed to providing the necessary and urgently needed monthly living costs. This also includes destitute seafarers, their families, widows and orphans who live elsewhere and also not an apartment in one of the 14 locations take advantage of.

Furthermore, the “Nanoug Foundation” covers the travel costs and the costs for the necessary certificates for trainees, interns and students, so that you can complete your internship without worries.

This is funded to 70% by the Nanoug Shipping Company, as well as by the Nanoug Foundation, as well as with donations and also through support from shipping companies and merchants.

With your donation you help where money is most needed. Thank you for supporting the work of Nanoug Foundation!

Every donation, no matter how small or large, has a big impact.

Financial support

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