Effective humanitarian aid to Ukraine

Medical and humanitarian aid to Ukraine

Nanoug Shipping Company

sent one of your supply ships with medical and humanitarian supplies for Ukraine to the base in Odessa.

The medical and humanitarian relief supplies are handed over from the base in Odessa to the responsible local aid organizations, which then take care of organizing the logistics and implementing rapid distribution.

The intensifying hostilities in Ukraine are dramatically exacerbating the local humanitarian crisis. The suffering of Ukrainians is immeasurable and the confrontation with violence, loss and destruction increases daily. The need for humanitarian aid in neighboring countries to which the affected people are fleeing is also increasing accordingly.

In the contested areas, daily civilian casualties, including children, are reported, among other things, as a result of air raids. In cities that have come under fire, vital infrastructure is destroyed, such as hospitals, kindergartens and residential buildings.

According to local authorities, the water and electricity supply failed in the southern Ukrainian city of Mariupol; Heating, plumbing and communication systems are out of order. The humanitarian situation is catastrophic. The people are surrounded; Previous evacuation attempts have failed.

The need of the Ukrainians, both in the country and on the run, and thus their need for humanitarian aid is immense and continues to grow.

“We know that the population is very concerned about the horrific events in Ukraine and that there is a desire to offer support to the people affected.

It is overwhelming to see how quickly and with commitment civil society around the world is willing to help at all levels. This applies to countless private individuals, small and large initiatives and companies. While it may seem less personal and intangible to many, monetary donations are actually the best and most effective way to support humanitarian aid abroad in the current climate.”

Monetary donations are much more effective than donations in kind: Their great advantage is that they can be used very flexibly and do not block logistical capacities. This allows humanitarian aid to be tailored more specifically to local needs. This is absolutely necessary in situations that are constantly changing and highly unpredictable, as is currently the case in Ukraine and its neighboring countries.

The Nanoug Foundation is asking for donations for the affected population in Ukraine.

With your donation you help where money is most needed. Thank you for supporting the work of Nanoug Foundation!

Effective humanitarian aid to Ukraine

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