Effective humanitarian aid to Ukraine

Medical and humanitarian aid to Ukraine

Nanoug Shipping Company

sent one of your supply ships with medical and humanitarian supplies for Ukraine to the base.

The medical and humanitarian supplies are handed over from the base to the responsible local aid organizations, which then organize the logistics and implement rapid distribution.

The intensifying hostilities in Ukraine are dramatically exacerbating the local humanitarian crisis. The suffering of Ukrainians is immeasurable and the confrontation with violence, loss and destruction increases daily. The need for humanitarian aid in neighboring countries to which the affected people are fleeing is also increasing accordingly.

In Ukraine, millions of people are currently affected by the ever-spreading humanitarian crisis and there is no end in sight. The medical care and care and help is urgently vital. We beg you to help now

The inevitable renewed Russian invasions will bring catastrophic consequences for the civilian population. Elderly, vulnerable, home deprived children and families will be affected, and at the same time this also means that access to medical and other essential services and assistance is lost or taken without doing anything. The level of psychological trauma from this war will have repercussions for generations to come.

Our cooperation with accredited and registered Ukrainian charities enables us to provide the vitally important medicines, food, supplies and urgent maintenance needed services to continue to provide them. At the same time, this ensures that those affected and the weakest who were unintentionally affected, we will support you so that you receive the necessary strength to overcome the extent of the trauma caused by this war.
Donate today to “Effective Medical and Humanitarian Aid to Ukraine”.

Your donation goes where money is needed most, so immediate emergencies and ongoing needs can be funded. This also includes the purchase of:

  • Wool blankets for individuals and/or emergency shelters with approx. €9.00
  • Food & hygiene items per adult for 1 month with approx. €27.00
  • Food & hygiene items per family (4 people) for 1 month with approx. €82.00
  • Thermal blankets for emergencies with approx. €27.00
  • Medical and supportive care as well as child services with approx. €586.00
  • Emergency medication assortment for 500 people with approx. €1,561.00
  • Medical & pharmaceutical products for 5,000 people with approx. €4,244.00

The more funds we can raise, the more we can do in support of the longer-term lasting impact of hostilities, displacement and poverty on affected families, children and the elderly.

All food and hygiene as well as medical products and packaging used are in accordance with the specifications of the UNICEF World Food Program and the World Health Organization (IEHK 2017).

With the help of your donation and the resulting purchase of:

  • Hygiene and medicines
  • Groceries
  • Emergency packages
  • Other relief supplies

After the end of the crisis situation, we will make available to Ukrainian accredited and registered charities, as well as hospitals, so that distribution to those in need can take place.

Please donate today to “Effective Medical and Humanitarian Aid to Ukraine”

We will adjust the fundraising goal based on needs.

With your donation you help where money is most needed. Thank you for supporting the work of Nanoug Foundation!

Effective humanitarian aid to Ukraine

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