About us

The Nanoug Foundation department of the Nanoug Foundation (Nanoug Foundation) is responsible both for the supply of refineries with crude oil and for the distribution of mineral oil products worldwide.

Based on our experience, the Nanoug Foundation department is for the efficient mineral oil Supply with a permanently high delivery level a reliable international partner.

The declared goal of Nanoug Foundation (Nanoug Foundation) is to maintain and increase its competitive advantage in the field of mineral oil products – through high reliability and high efficiency in the delivery of its customers and in the costs as well as by marketing mineral oil products of the highest quality.

76 Gas & Oil tankers

working for you

9.201.000 DWT

per month

212 Employee

only active in the mineral oil trade

85 Years

Experience in the sector

Nanoug Foundation – it‘s not just a company, it’s a matter close to the heart.

As a full-service shipping company for tankers, our outstanding customer relationships, maximum security in all matters and a corporate strategy geared towards healthy growth are personal concerns. We rely on our experienced, well-rehearsed team of employees who understand their craft very well. Your daily personal commitment is the stable foundation of Nanoug Foundation.

        Always on the right course with Nanoug Foundation

Highly flexible. Well connected. Always at your service.

As a full-service shipping company for tankers, we rely on our experienced, well-coordinated team of employees who understand their craft very well. Your daily personal commitment is the stable foundation.


The terminals in Rotterdam and our contractual partners comply with the BRZO guideline 2015 (Seveso III), an extended security management system that is checked annually by the local authorities.

Edible oils, heating oil, gas oil, gas oil components, diesel, gasoline, gasoline components, VGO, ethanol, methanol, mixed kerosene, soybean oil, rapeseed oil, biodiesel, MTBE and ETBE etc.

Mixing, heating, customer pumps, board-board, fully dedicated systems for every customer.

Ocean, inland waterways, rail vehicles and trucks: 24 hours 7 days a week, all year round.

We bring you to your destination – across all the world’s oceans.

Because we ensure that your goods are transported professionally and arrive at their destination on time. Whether it is conventional loading or unusual transport tasks.

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