Apartments from the Nanoug Foundation

are made available to destitute seafarers, their families, widows and orphans.

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A big thank you to everyone who has the feeling to support this project.

Preserving tradition

Do not lose sight of the basic tasks

Since 1990, the NANOUG Foundation has made the care of old seamen, nautical officers and captains as well as their wives, widows and orphans its task.

All employees of the NANOUG Foundation are also convinced that they belong to an institution that maintains good old nautical and commercial traditions in a modern environment for the benefit of those who need these benefits.

Basic tasks

The task today is for the NANOUG Foundation to provide two or three-room apartments in one of the twelve locations for married couples, widows and orphans, which, depending on availability, the time of application and the need of retired seafarers and other seafarers in need, are rent-free can be used. This also includes the provision of funds to cover the monthly living costs.

Widows of seafarers who live outside the NANOUG Foundation are also supported by monthly payments depending on the need.

Interns, trainees

Students, job seekers

Financial support for interns, trainees and students

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A big thank you to everyone who has the feeling to support this project.

The subject of training is very important to us

to enable the perfect basis for a successful start into professional life. Most of our trainees, interns and students come from European countries, and a few from international countries. The task and goal is to give everyone enough freedom to develop their strengths and talents in a familiar and respectful working atmosphere – to encourage you and give you the opportunity to choose your professional training yourself and based on your skills and the will to be part of something special.

Follow the things that inspire you, because they are your destiny.

That is why we also provide a furnished apartment of 60 square meters (2 rooms, kitchen, bathroom) on site free of charge for every trainee, intern and student, if desired. In this way, we want to ensure that the trainees, interns and students can complete their training / dual study / internship carefree and without additional financial burden. At the same time, we achieve financial relief not only for the trainees, interns and students, but also for their family members.

If you and / or family members, acquaintances, are looking for a job, apprenticeship or internship in the seafaring industry, be it on board or on land, please send us your application documents:

Nautical training center

must be completed so that training can then begin at this fourth location at the early January 2022

A big thank you to everyone who has the feeling to support this project.

Appeal for donations

Donations are very important at the moment and are urgently needed.

The first aim of this fundraiser is to bear the cost of the structure in which it is located from the point at which it is no longer subsidized by the state and the ongoing pandemic does the rest of it.

We therefore ask for your help. Every small donation can make a difference. We would also be delighted if you shared this appeal for donations.

A big thank you to everyone who has the feeling to support this project.


The last construction phase is about to be completed, so that the equipment and facilities for practical training using the latest technology, nautical and ship-related simulation and ship machines and systems can begin. This includes 20 modern training and seminar rooms, four ship control simulation systems (bridge cabins, radar and ship control simulators) as well as engine room simulators and numerous CBTs and 3D animations.

Learning under almost real conditions – the training center can then more than meet this requirement thanks to its modern simulation facilities. This is rounded off by the implementation of a practical implementation on tankers, containers and cruise ships of the NANOUG shipping company.

Seafarers banquet

Would you like to become a member?

A big thank you to everyone who has the feeling to support this project.

A meal with tradition

The seafarers banquet developed over several centuries from the large meal at the annual billing and is used to care for old seafarers and their wives and widows, as well as orphans. The Nanoug Foundation organizes this seafarers banquet, with the donation proceeds being used for the tasks of the NANOUG Foundation.


Little has changed in the rules of the seafarers banquet for centuries. Women in long black evening dresses as well as men in tailcoats and captains in uniform take part in the meal in the festively decorated hall of the Palazzo. Foreign guests, often business partners, are only allowed to take part once in their lives, which is why an invitation is a great honor.

Seafarers banquet

Tradition that has proven itself over centuries

The seafarers banquet is the oldest ongoing fraternal meal in the world that is repeated every year and traditionally serves as a link between shipping and merchants.


“The environment around the seafarers banquet may have changed over the past centuries.

But one thing has remained:

That is the social purpose of this meeting – and that for centuries … “ Federal Chancellor Dr. Angela Merkel

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