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Nanoug Foundation continuously strives to provide support in seafaring, be it on board or on land. The tasks and goals set by the Nanoug Foundation begin where others leave off. With the necessary social commitment and implementation, to take the initiative purposefully and not wait idly and close your eyes.

All from one hand

On the one hand, Nanoug Foundation supports the goals and guidelines of the Nanoug Shipping Company and, while implementing a clear objective, works primarily for seafarers and their families, as well as young people, career changers, students and job seekers in the fascinating, dynamic maritime shipping and its concerns, as well as providing support.

  • Financially needy seafarers

    That usually happens when “flags of convenience” has been carried out, and there are missing collective agreements and missing controls, and thus it has led to non-paid and / or reduced social and pension contributions, among other things, so that no entitlement or only a reduced percentage is due. Which ultimately contributes to the fact that seafarers are penniless after their seafaring. Through no fault of your own, at the same time, of course, the wives, family members and / or widows are also involved.

    These and similar incidents mean that one has to take initiative and not just watch and close one’s eyes.

    For these reasons, the “Nanoug Foundation” has set itself the goal of supporting seafarers and their families, as well as young people, career changers and students and advocating their interests.

  • Financial support

    The financial availability of the monthly living costs for destitute seafarers their families, widows and orphans, this also includes seafarers and widows who live elsewhere and do not use an apartment in one of the 14 locations.

  • Provision of Apartments

    which are made available rent-free for destitute seafarers, their families, widows and orphans, at 14 locations. The sizes vary between two or three-room apartments with a separate kitchen and bathroom.

    Quote: “Follow the things that inspire you, because they are your destiny.”

    That is why we also provide a furnished apartment of 60 square meters (2 rooms, kitchen, bathroom) on site free of charge for every trainee, intern and student, if desired. In this way, we want to ensure that the trainees, interns and students can complete their training / dual study / internship carefree and without additional financial burden. At the same time, we achieve financial relief not only for the trainees, interns and students, but also for their family members.

  • Training places

    The topic of training is very important to us, in order to provide the perfect basis for a successful start in professional life. Most of the trainees, interns and students come from European countries, and a few from international countries. The task and goal is to give everyone enough freedom so that they can develop their strengths and talents in a familiar and respectful working atmosphere – to promote you and give you the opportunity to choose your professional training yourself based on your skills and will To be part of something special.

  • Jobs on board and ashore

    The “Nanoug Foundation” not only financially supports the nautical and technical training, qualification and further training of crew members, as well as jobs on land, but also gives young people and lateral entrants the opportunity to find their job in the fascinating dynamic maritime shipping, whether on board or on land .

  • Let’s stop child poverty

    With your help, we will provide 1,540 children and families in a precarious economic situation, including food and school support, implementing health care and psychological care.

    In the countries: Germany, Italy and Switzerland

  • Donations Campaign

    This fundraiser, has as its very first goal, to defray the cost of the structure in which it is located. From the time it is no longer subsidized by the government and the ongoing pandemic makes it more difficult.

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Nanoug Foundation

The Nanoug Foundation is the sole shareholder of the Nanoug Shipping Company. This ownership structure ensures the preservation of a family business and the life’s work – long-term and sustainably.

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Completion of a further 36 residential units

This project is in the last phase of construction and completion is scheduled for early 2022.

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