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The Nanoug Foundation provides continuous support in the maritime sea shipping. Be it on board or on land. The Nanoug Foundation has clearly defined tasks and goals, which you carry out purposefully. With the necessary social commitment and appropriate personal initiative. We don’t close our eyes.

All from one hand

On the one hand, the Nanoug Foundation supports the goals and guidelines of the Anoug Shipping Company and is working on the implementation of a clear goal, especially for seafarers and their families as well as for young people, Newcomers to the profession, students and job seekers in this global and fascinating dynamic maritime shipping.

  • Financially needy seafarers

    This usually happens when “flags of convenience” are used and there are no collective agreements and controls. This leads to unpaid and / or reduced social and pension contributions, so that there is no entitlement or only a reduced percentage is due. Which ultimately contributes to the fact that seafarers are penniless after their sea shipping. Through no fault of their own, the wives, family members and / or widows are also affected.

    Because of these and similar sad incidents, it is urgently necessary to take the initiative! Words alone are no longer helpful here.

    For these reasons, the “Nanoug Foundation” has set itself the goal of supporting seafarers and their families, as well as young people, Newcomers to the profession and students and advocating their interests.

  • Financial support

    This includes financial support for the monthly and necessary living and maintenance costs for destitute seafarers, their families, widows and orphans, also includes seafarers and widows who live elsewhere and do not use an apartment at one of the twelve locations.

  • Provision of Apartments

    which are made available rent-free for destitute seafarers, their families, widows and orphans, at twelve locations. The sizes vary between two or three-room apartments with a separate kitchen and bathroom

    Quote: “Follow the things that inspire you, because they are your destiny.”

    That is why we also provide a furnished apartment of 60 square meters (2 rooms, kitchen, bathroom) on site free of charge for every trainee, intern and student, if desired. In this way, we want to ensure that the trainees, interns and students can complete their training / dual study / internship carefree and without additional financial burden. At the same time, we achieve financial relief not only for the trainees, interns and students, but also for their family members.

  • Trainees

    The subject of training is very important to us in order to create the perfect basis for a successful start in professional life. Most of the apprentices, interns and students come from different European countries and some from international countries. It is our task and our goal to give everyone enough freedom so that they can develop their strengths and talents in a familiar and respectful working atmosphere – to encourage you and give you the opportunity to choose your professional training yourself based on your abilities and your will and to be part of something special.

  • Jobs on board and ashore

    The “Nanoug Foundation” not only financially supports the nautical and technical training, qualification and further training of crew members as well as jobs on land, but also offers young people and newcomers the opportunity to find their job in the fascinating dynamic maritime shipping, on board, or on land.

  • Donations Campaign

    The primary aim of this fundraiser is to pay for the cost of the structure in which it is located. From the point that it is no longer subsidized by the government and the ongoing pandemic makes it even more complicated and difficult.

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Nanoug Foundation

The Nanoug Foundation is the sole owner of the Anoug Shipping Company. This ownership structure ensures the maintenance of a family business and the life’s work of the founder – long-term and sustainable.

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